Pitchfork Postcards
    Each of these 4 x 6 postcards features a photograph by Bob Moorhouse, who has captured and
    preserved the life on an authentic working cattle ranch.   (copyrighted)

ICE WAGON - Retired from ice deliveries on the streets of San Antonio, Texas, this old ice wagon was refurbished and is now occasionally drawn in local parades.

A COWBOY'S WORK IS NEVER DONE - Pitchfork cowboy, Dick Sayers, heads home after a long, cold day.

ROPING A STRAY? - Not hardly!  Clint McCloy and this orphaned calf are good buddies, as long as he brings a bottle of milk with that rope!

BEST FRIENDS - Visions of barrel racing danced in her head.

MOVING THE CHUCKWAGON AND REMUDA - The chuckwagon was brought out of  retirement in 1986 and is used during the spring and fall cattle works and on special occasions.   The Pitchfork Ranch won AQHA's "Legacy Award" in 1997 and AQHA/NCBA's 1998-99 "Best Remuda Award".

COWBOY WEAR - David Ross is seldom seen not wearing his brush cuffs, chinks, boots and spurs.

Pitchfork Postcards
Item PC - 100                        $.50 each

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