Pitchfork Headgear


A. Pitchfork Visor

B. High Profile Structured Cap with chord

C. Medium Profile Structured Cap with sandwich bill

D. Low Profile Structured Cap with Camo sandwich bill

E. Medium Profile Unstructured Cap with suede bill

F. Low Profile Unstructured  Ball Cap

PITCHFORK BALL CAP - It gets mighty hot down here in central West Texas. Around here a hat is indispensable. Second only to the cowboy hat, is the Pitchfork signature ball cap.  Your choice. Lots of ways to beat the heat Pitchfork style.



"Return to the Remuda" is the name of the fall annual horse sale founded by four of the local ranches.  For over 100 years, horses carrying the ranch brands of 6666, Beggs, Pitchfork, and Tongue River have been bred, raised, trained, and selected to meet the tasks of ranch life.  We breed 'em well, raise 'em right and ride 'em lots of miles.  We know we can depend on our horses every day.  They are here for us...to start and finish every job well done! 
PITCHFORK EAR WARMERS - When it's too cold for one of our ball caps, try our ear warmers.   These polar fleece headbands will keep your ears warm on the slopes or out on the range.  They have the company brand embroidered in contrasting colors. Item H-8955          $ 8.50
Colors:  Red , Navy, or Black
One size fits all
  Head Gear

Pitchfork Headgear


A.  Pitchfork Visor
Item V-8700          $10.25
Colors:  Red  w/ velcro closure
One size fits all


B.  Pitchfork High Profile Cap

Item C-8972           $10.25

Color: Red and Khaki with chord. Leather with brass buckle adjuster 

One size fits all


C.  Pitchfork Medium Profile Cap with White Sandwich Bill

Item C-8973           $16.00

Color: Navy, Red and Khaki with brass buckle adjuster

One size fits all


D.  Pitchfork Low Profile Cap with Camouflage Sandwich Bill

Item C-8974           $16.00

Color: Khaki /Camouflage with velcro closure

One size fits all


E.  Pitchfork Medium Profile Cap with Suede Bill

Item C-8975            $16.00

Color: Denim with Tan Suede with brass buckle adjuster

One size fits all


F.  Pitchfork Low Profile Unstructured Cap

Item C-8976            $16.00

Color: Khaki with black logo & brass buckle adjuster

One size fits all




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