"The Pitchfork has produced millions of barrels of oil in the prolific Tannehill sands."

With its favorable location on the northeast flanks of the Midland Basin of West Texas, the Pitchfork has produced millions of barrels of oil since the first discovery back in 1980.  Since then, more than 120 wells have been completed in the prolific Tannehill sands at depths averaging 4,000'. Initial flow rates on some of the recent wells have been in excess of 200 barrels per day.

Currently, about 8,000 acres are held by production, with another 40,000 acres held by active oil and gas leases or options.  Companies with a presence include Medders Oil Company, Hollis R. Sullivan, Inc., Sauder Management Company, Dominion Oklahoma Texas, Cholla Petroleum and Polk Petroleum.  A significant amount of acreage is available for leasing.

For more information about oil and gas exploration on the Pitchfork, contact Jimmy Proe, c/o Bank of America, N.A., 901 Main Street, TX1-492-17-01, Dallas, TX, 75202, or call at 1-214-209-2303, or send an email to: