"Hunting the Legendary Pitchfork Ranch"

The Pitchfork Ranch 's hunting program began September 1, 1998. The ranch allows limited hunts for whitetail deer, mule deer, quail, dove, turkey, geese, wild hogs, and varmints. Hunters will appreciate the 165,000 acres (250+ square miles) of contiguous hunting terrain. Terrain varies from relatively flat mesquite pasture to scrub oak thickets to rugged canyon and cedar country. There are a few crop fields on the ranch too.

The ranch's wildlife management program complements its hunting operation. Habitat improvement, supplemental feeding, selective harvest, and detailed record keeping are essential parts of our wildlife managment.  The ranch is an anchor ranch in Texas Tech University's Quail-Tech program.  Anchor ranches participate in year-round quail research.

The ranch holds good numbers of mature whitetail deer and a few mule deer. Whitetail bucks scoring up to 180B&C are taken in good years. Mule deer bucks scoring over 200B&C have also been harvested. Guided hunts are 100% spot and stalk.  Lease pastures are available too.

Bird hunters see lots of wild quail action. Our area is known for its outstanding Bobwhite population and the quail hunting on the Pitchfork is legendary.  Guided hunts and season leases are available.

Large flocks of Rio Grande turkeys roam the ranch. Turkey hunting is allowed during both the fall and spring seasons.  Guided hunts and season leases are available.

The ranch also has large populations of feral hogs and varmints. The hogs have strong genetic ties to the Russian boar and can be found just about anywhere on the ranch. Coyotes, bobcats, and other varmints are present in good numbers throughout the area.  Guided hunts and season leases are available.

For more information about hunting opportunities on the Pitchfork Ranch, please visit the Mesquite Country Outfitters web site.

If you are interested in our hunting operation, please contact:

James Stephens
Mesquite Country Outfitters
PO Box 1095
Idalou, TX 79329
(806) 407-8808