"The signature 'Pitchfork Gray' has now become as synonymous with the ranch as the brand itself."

The Pitchfork ranch horse has a reputation that sells itself. The remuda has come a long way from the small native ponies first used on the ranch. The first improvement in the horse herd came from a thoroughbred US Military remount stallion named Trimmer. This gave the cowboys horses with increased size and stamina. Seal Brown was the first quarter horse stallion purchased by Pitchfork manager, Rudolph Swenson in 1941. The stallion produced an outstanding herd of brood mares. Upon Seal Brown’s death in 1946, the ranch acquired Joe Bailey’s King, and he soon became legendary. To add to the legacy were Otoe, Savanah Jr., Gray Badger, Gray Dee Bar and Dash For Cash. The modern bloodlines of HighBrow Cat, Playgun and Grays Starlight have been added in recent years.  Pitchfork horses are very versatile. These horses have been tried and proven in the pasture, rodeo arena, polo fields and performance arena all over the world.

The ranch’s remuda consists of approximately 50 brood mares, 125 saddle horses and 4 stallions. The first sale was held in November 1963 when fifty horses were offered and sold. This brought the ranch a considerable amount of publicity and recognition and paved the way for numerous horse sales throughout the years, each one being more successful than the last. The Pitchfork raises horses primarily for their own use, but does make horses available to the public through select sales such as our “Return to the Remuda” sale, the "Best of the Remuda"sale, the "Western Heritage Classic Invitational" sale and the " Tito's Vodka Ranch Cutting Horse Association" sale each year..  We hope to see you at one of these sales.. 

Cat Silver
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