"The Pitchfork Ranch's goal is to provide our customers with a high quality, consistent beef animal that meets the demands of the retail beef market."

The Pitchfork Ranch purebred Hereford operation began in 1935 with the purchase of one hundred purebred Hereford cows and a new Hereford bull, Ike Domino. Ike Domino served as the foundation for building a fine reputation for the Pitchfork’s purebred herd. Leaning more towards commercial production, the Pitchfork has since phased out the purebred operation, but still lays claim to raising top quality beef cattle.

Black and Black Baldies make up the majority of the cow population. These moderately-framed cows are bred to Black Angus, Stabilizer and Balancer bulls. Bulls are selected for both maternal and carcass characteristics.  All calves are source and age verified through IMI Global and are NHTC (Non-Hormonally Treated) and Simply Natural Process verified.   The calves are back grounded using the SureHealth protocol in our back grounding yard.  The calves have proven to have the genetics to show significant gain on wheat, as well as in a feedlot.

The Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company has wheat grazing in King, Knox and Foard counties in Texas and in Jefferson county Oklahoma. The calves are put on wheat weighing approximately 650-675 lbs. and sold weighing approximately 850 lbs. with an average daily gain of 2.15 lbs. After wintering on wheat, they are either sold private treaty unless the ranch chooses to retain ownership through the feed yard.

For more information, please contact:

Brooks Hodges, Manager